Craft beverage boom fueled by millennials

Millennials fuel craft beverage boom

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.(KTHV) - Millennials are prioritizing their cars and homes less and less and assigning greater importance to personal experiences.

It's a trend that's ultimately helping fuel the growth of many businesses including the craft beverage scene.

Millennials love variety, they love sharing their experiences, and they love, particularly, expanding their culinary perspectives. So it should come as no surprise that this generation is fueling a craft beverage boom.

Arkansas Business Online Editor, Lance Turner said millennials are into self-expression. From Facebook pages to music playlists, everything for them is personalized. They even want that same power over the beer they drink.

At Lost Forty Brewery, a new seasonal beer is about to be distributed. Brand Manager, Elisa Towbin-Jones said millennial's spell opportunity.

"What we do know is that millennial's are very vocal, they're great about sharing," she said. "They post on social media, they get involved in our events and have fun with it."

And since millennials prioritize 'living in the moment' over and the Lost Forty brand makes sure to cater to their needs. With the ability to change up their beer every season, Lost Forty gives millennials the chance to flex their culinary muscles. Towbin-Jones said that's one key reason why they keep coming back.

“Millennials tend to look for the best bang for their buck and that's definitely a craft beer," she explained. "You get a lot of flavor and we try to keep our prices competitive and kind of have a fun image behind our brand too."

Millennials are around 77 million strong and they will account for almost 30% of total consumer product dollars spent by 2020.

"You can go have a type of beer at brewery that you're not ever going to have at another type of brewery somewhere else," Turner said. "They all present these unique experiences that millennial's prize."



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