Seattle Businesses Frustrated Over Homeless Campers

At Seattle's City Hall there's another attempt to put some teeth into rules dealing with unsanctioned homeless encampments.

SEATTLE – Business leaders were in attendance Wednesday night as the Unsanctioned Encampments Cleanup Protocols Task Force met at City Hall.

Sierra Hansen, the Executive Director of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, was there to talk about the impact she has witnessed in the community.

"We are grappling with the homelessness crisis in this city unlike anything we have seen in the last two decades," said Hansen before the meeting. "Allowing people to camp in front of businesses does detract from folks wanting to come in."

Nick Ahmad works at Seattle Cigar and Tobacco on Capitol Hill. He says he finds people camping in front of the door a few times a week.

"We find some drug needles here. They leave a lot of mess, all their junk and we have to clean it before we open," said Ahmad.

Being considered is legislation that would give campers a 30 day notice before eviction instead of the current 72 hour window. The Task Force is seeking ways to improve outreach, and address issues like public health and safety. 

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