'Forrest Gump' the kitten stolen from Salem cat shelter

'Forrest Gump' the kitten stolen from Salem cat shelter

PORTLAND, Ore. – Someone stole a kitten named Forrest Gump from a Salem cat shelter.

The kitten was stolen from Salem Friends of Felines, at 980 Commercial Street Southeast, on Monday afternoon. He was in a kennel with three of his siblings when he was taken.

The shelter says Forrest Gump needs medication, and has a family waiting to adopt him, according to a post on Facebook.

Forrest was taking Veraflox, a strong antibiotic for an upper respiratory infection, also known as a "kitty cold." If he does not get the medication soon he could develop pneumonia, shelter staff said. 

Forrest Gump is not neutered and does not have a microchip. He also missing one of his back paws.

Salem Friends of Felines is offering a $500 reward to the person who brings Forrest Gump back, no questions asked. The money was given by an anonymous donor.

“We ask that he be returned immediately and we will not ask questions, we just want our boy back before he gets too sick!” said the SFOF Facebook post.

Anyone with information about the kitten is asked to call 503-362-5611.



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