The new, but hardly improved Kitchen Sink Smoothie


by Justin Corr

Posted on November 14, 2012 at 6:10 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 15 at 12:38 PM

Oz Blog Day 23

In the video above, you see me making the (in)famous Kitchen Sink Smoothie. I think it tastes pretty good. However, when I brought some on Today’s Morning News, Maggie and Doug wholeheartedly disagreed. Doug remarked, “That’s much worse than last time!”

The taste of the smoothie seems to be getting progressively more “acquired,” as the blog progresses, because I have to keep adding stuff. It’s just easier to throw something in a smoothie every morning, rather than remembering to eat nine different foods every day. The latest addition is cinnamon, which normally makes anything taste better. But according to my wife, it didn’t make a dent in the earthy, tangy, acidic, and dirty flavor. One of my colleagues at KTVB, Matt Standal, said of the smoothie, “You could probably make all that stuff (fruit, coconut oil, juice, etc…) taste good. By that, he meant, “Most people could make that taste good. You, however, Justin, apparently could not.”

Also, a caution for people: if you make this smoothie in your own home, wash out the container after you‘re done! After finishing one smoothie, I sealed the cap, and let it sit on the counter for a few days. When I (my wife Katie) opened it, I (Katie) realized that the smoothie residue had turned! It smelled like nail polish remover. On a good note, I may have just invented an all-natural paint thinner!

Tuesday’s show featured fitness guru Tony Horton. He’s the inventor of the wildly popular and apparently effective P90X. I’m more of a P9X guy. But good news, he/Dr. Oz recommended a 10-minute total body workout, which I will try to add to my morning routine (which, like my smoothie, has a quickly increasing number of ingredients).

Horton also had eating tips. He recommended eating more food with one ingredient (less-processed), rewarding yourself for eating wholesome healthy meals with naughty snacks, and re-shaking your life. As we discussed above, I‘m already re-shaking my life, with good success health-wise, and less success taste-wise.

On a recent Dr. Oz Show, Oz showed a video where a women talked about how big of a fan she is. She danced, made goofy faces, and flailed around. In short, she totally encroached on my territory. This town isn’t big enough for two goofy Dr. Oz video makers, lady! But, considering she made it on The Dr. Oz Show, and I didn’t… maybe I’m the one encroaching on her territory? Oh well, she can sue me or the station (ed note: feel free to sue Justin Corr, but don’t sue KTVB, Justin writes this stuff)

I want to finish with a big thanks to all the E-mails I’ve gotten from people reading the blog. People have had suggestions, ideas, and kudos, and I appreciate it all. In fact, it seems this blog is becoming one of my signature works. On election night, four different candidates came up to me. They didn’t want to talk politics. They wanted to talk about the Oz Blog! But of course, the Oz Blog doesn’t endorse any political party… wait, is there still a Bull Moose or Whig Party in this country? Let me check… Uh, no. So, the Oz Blog doesn’t endorse any political party, of this millennia.

7:00AM - "Personal business," check color, amount, and shape
7:05AM - Weigh-in
7:10AM - Chant
7:15AM - Five Tibetans workout
7:20AM - Chris Powell’s five minute workout
7:25AM - Five minute metabolism workout
7:30AM - Lift weights
7:35AM - Tony Horton’s 10-minute workout
7:45AM - Drink "Kitchen Sink Smoothie"
8:00AM - Read Tweets
8:30AM - Apply topical vitamin C with sunscreen ($19 for 4 ounces)
2:00PM - Eat dark chocolate
6:00PM - Take fiber supplement
8:00PM - Post on Facebook
10:20PM - Use neti pot (helps snoring) ($12.50 a month, including pot)
11:15PM - Apply witch hazel ($6 for 16 ounces)
11:20PM - Apply nasal strip (helps snoring) ($10 a month)
11:25PM - Do bed yoga
11:30PM - Bedtime
- Some onion (treats and prevents various diseases) ($2.50 for a 5lb bag)
- 2oz of papaya juice (increases energy) ($8 a month)
- 1oz of dark chocolate (lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure, reduces inflammation) ($15 a month)
- 2 cups of white tea (busts fat) ($7.50 a month)
- 2 tbsp of coconut oil (improves metabolism) ($12 a month)
- Half-a-grapefruit (boosts metabolism, prevents stomach cancer) ($13 a month)
- 10 oz of berries (prevents pancreatic cancer) ($27.50 a month)
- ¼ cup of kale (prevents heart disease and lung/breast cancer) ($11 a month)
- 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (burns fat) ($3 a month)

- 2000mg of glucomannan root (dietary fiber/weight loss) ($13 a month)
- 500mg of turmeric (fights liver damage/Alzheimer’s/some cancers) ($7.50 a month)
- 400mg of astragalus (slows down aging) ($7.50 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of pea protein powder (curbs cravings) ($18 a month)
- 1 Tbsp of brewer’s yeast (increases energy) ($15 a month)
- 1 Daily multivitamin (does a lot of stuff) ($2 a month)
- 1500mg of garcinia cambogia (burns fat) ($13 a month)