Burnout operation for Trinity Ridge Fire finally begins


by Natalie Podgorski


Posted on August 22, 2012 at 10:18 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 1:53 AM

PINE, Idaho--  The burnout operation has finally started, with flames coming down the hills toward Featherville Wednesday night.

Firefighters started lighting small fires on the ridges behind the town just after 7:00 p.m, and firefighters say everything is going just how the want, exactly as planned.

Firefighters and homeowners have been waiting to see this for days.

"It is a little sad because this mountain won't look quite the same when this is done," said Mountain Home Fire Chief Alan Bermensolo.

Although it's sad, this means firefighters are putting their plan into action.

"Instead of waiting for the fire to come to them, we are going to attack it and get it out of the way," said Firefighter Alan Roberts.

The structure firefighters sat from their post and watched as the helicopter dropped small fireballs igniting the ridges.

A few of them have a strong connection to this town.

"Firefighters want to fight fire. We've sat around and waited for this to come for several days," said Chief Bermensolo.

But for some of firefighters this is not something easy to experience.

"I grew up here. My grandma used to own the café down here in Featherville, we have a cabin down the road a little bit, I spent a lot of my time when I was young up here.  It is kind of tough to watch," said Firefighter Chris Corbus.

The Mountain Home Fire Chief looks at these hills from his cabin. "I got a beautiful view up Trinity Creek and it will be a little bit different."

The entire town knows things will be different but they just want to save their town.

"You've just got to put faith in those guys, they know what they are doing down there," said Corbus.

The structure firefighters that KTVB talked to Wednesday night said ideally they will never leave their post.

The Forest Service's plan will work and there will never be a home that is threatened.

But for homeowners who are concerned after seeing that video, KTVB wants to let you know that some of the structure crews will be on standby ready to go if something goes wrong.