South Hill sports injury clinic working to heal local athletes

A new facility for sports injuries in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - New research and ground breaking technology across the country is helping doctors better treat sports injuries, and here in Spokane, a new sports injury clinic is showing how it helps local athletes.

Whether it's on the field, the track or the court, people in the Inland Northwest love their sports. Getting hurt though could mean weeks, and in some cases months, of downtime.

That is why a new sports injury facility in Spokane’s South Hill is taking sports medicine to a whole new level. The facility is called Integrated Sports Medicine and is a part of the Rockwood Health System.

Instead of hitting the track or guarding the goal Jaimie Ross is sprinting toward recovery.

“It’s a lot easier than sitting around knowing that I could be running, but I’m not,” she said.

Ross was diagnosed with chronic compartment syndrome. It commonly happens when blood vessels are blocked during athletic exercise -- A condition that Jamie noticed last school year.

"When I'd be running for more than five minutes my leg would suddenly just start hurting."

So Dr. Christopher Dewing suggested surgery and integrated medical care.
"If you're injured your life sort of stops and you're seeking how can I get back to my sport, my family, my work whatever it is quickly,” he said.

Patients have access to a team of surgeons, physical therapists and trainers under one roof. Dewing said others in the area have tried to provide this care, but more as a remote network.
"The doctors are talking to the therapists. The therapists are talking to the doctors, PA's and the trainers. Everyone is working together to really answer questions quickly and coordinate care to get people back fast."

Having unique equipment is another bonus, such as an anti-gravity treadmill that Dr. Dewing said shaves off weeks of recovery time. Ross is just as excited.

"It's really nice to have it all super close. They're always checking on you and making sure you're doing your stuff. They help you a lot."



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