Fidgeting could lead to better blood circulation

Researchers at the University of Missouri looked at adults who fidget and what they found is good news if you do it.

You might not realize that one of your nervous habits might be good for you.

Researchers at the University of Missouri shows sitting at your desk in front of a computer for an extended period is not good for your health. Reduced blood flow to the legs could lead to cardiovascular disease.

University of Missouri researchers say fidgeting or toe tapping could lead to better health.

"What we found on an average, people performed 250 taps per minute that resulted in an increase in blood flow during the actual fidgeting. We believe that any type of leg movement will be beneficial to the arteries of the lower limbs," said Professor Jaume Padilla of MU Nutrition and Exercise Physiology Department.

Researchers studied 11 healthy young men and women before and after three hours of sitting. Surprisingly they found fidgeting increased blood enough to prevent a decline in arterial function.

Good news for student Nathan Winn who is a constant fidgeter.

"So as long as you are not annoying your friends or bothering other people and you can get potential health benefits out of it, then why not do it," said Winn.

But, Professor Padilla said there is no substitute for walking and exercise.

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