ITT Tech shuts down all campuses

Campuses across the nation are closing.

Students were surprised to learn that their school, ITT Technical Institute, is shutting down and all their hard work over the years is now in question.

The doors of the campus here in Boise are locked and the lights have been shut off just hours after the news came out that the school was shutting down.

“We kinda thought they were going to close at some point, but at least we'd be able to graduate, at least they wouldn't leave the students out in the cold, but they did," said student Denise Gardner.

“I knew the school was in trouble, but I didn't know they were going to stop operations," said student David Blake.

Students received an email today stating that due to the new requirements by the Department of Education, which banned the school from enrolling students who get federal aid, they've made the decision to discontinue their operations effective June 2016.

"Pretty devastated. All that work that we put in, it's all down the drain," said Gardner.

"I was focused on finishing school and progressing on with my career, and then to suddenly have that halted is definitely frustrating," said student Jason Beyer.

The decision to close left many to wonder what's next, as most credits from ITT Tech don't transfer.

"They did attach in the letter nine different schools that the credits would transfer to, but there's only one with an Idaho location and that's University of Phoenix," said Blake.

The email also included information about how to obtain their transcripts.

"They sent an email out with a link to get your transcripts and the link just gives you round and round. Nothing works," said Gardner.

"We can't access anything," said Blake.

Again, leaving many with unanswered questions.

"I have no idea. I'm trying to get my transcripts, but no one will answer the phone, no one is at the school,” said Gardner. “I don't even know if we can get our transcripts at this point."

"School started two weeks ago for a lot of the schools,” said Blake. “So am I now out until December, the spring semester to continue my education or can I start right now and jump in two, three weeks late for the current semester."

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