Only on 7: 10-year-old girl healing after hit by stray bullet

Victim healing after hit by stray bullet.

NAMPA -- A terrifying and traumatic experience, one you could never imagine happening during a family-friendly celebration.

In June, a 10-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet right before the God and Country Family Festival fireworks started.

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Police say two men got into a fist fight in front of the Nampa Walmart on Franklin. It escalated, with both men pulling their guns out and firing at each other.

But one of the shots missed and ended up striking the girl at a nearby gas station.

KTVB spoke with the victim, Chloe, and her mother, Tarah, on Friday about the moment that will haunt their family forever. 

"Whenever I pass by there it just all floods back and it's just horrible," Chloe told KTVB.

They did not want KTVB to show their faces or identify their last name in this story since the incident is under investigation and the suspects' fates are playing out in court.

"She'll always have the scar, she'll always be reminded of what happened," Tarah said.

As they were driving down the road, Tarah and her daughters saw a sign for the God and Country Festival fireworks.

"So we just pulled over into the parking lot of Chevron and we're waiting. They're dancing around for the fireworks," Tarah explained. "All of a sudden I hear this 'pop pop.' "

She originally thought someone was shooting off bottle rockets. Then, she saw Chloe hit the ground.

"It hit me in the shoulder. At first, you don't feel anything because it's just shocking to you," Chloe said. "After a few minutes it hurt so bad. The pain is just unbearable."

Tarah ran over to her, pulled her shirt back and saw her arm was covered in blood. She became frantic, and then realized what had happened.

Chloe had been shot - a bullet piercing her right shoulder.

"Inches the other way could have been fatal," Tarah said.

They tell us there were families and children around. The scene became chaotic, with everyone frightened, confused and shocked.

An officer quickly came to help, and told them where the bullet came from. According to police, rival gang members 19-year-old Mario Garza and 21-year-old Ezri Garcia were fighting near the entrance of Walmart on Franklin when they opened fire on each other, just yards from a crowd of people.

"They were being selfish," Chloe added.

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"We're across the street at Chevron. How can she be hit from Walmart? I just didn't understand how that could have happened," Tarah said.

Police haven't released information as to which suspect fired the shot that hit Chloe, but her mom says it doesn't matter to her.

The bullet dropped, and is now lodged in Chloe's armpit. She can't raise her arm all the way above her head.

"In the morning it's really cold outside so it makes the metal cold so I can feel it just like right under," Chloe said. "It hurts."

Doctors told them surgery would be dangerous because the bullet is wrapped up in nerves, and it could cause permanent nerve damage if they attempted to remove it. She was in a sling for weeks and recently started physical therapy to help her regain strength.

Chloe tells us the suspects took away her summer, and her sense of security.

For everyone that heard the shots and witnessed what happened, it was traumatizing.

"We need to feel safe. And with things like that, we're not safe, we don't feel safe," Tarah said.

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Garza and Garcia face a total of 50 charges between them. Both men could spend the rest of their lives behind bars if they are convicted. Tarah says she hopes they are held accountable for their actions and get handed the maximum sentence.

The family has set up a GoFundMe to help with past and current medical expenses.

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