Estranged wife testifies in Colbert triple-murder case

KREM 2's Lindsay Nadrich has the story (11/29/16)

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Amanda Murry’s estranged husband is on trial for killing three of her family members. On Tuesday, she took the stand in the high-profile case.

Roy Murry is charged for three counts of murder, as well as arson.
Detectives believe he also planned to kill his wife Amanda, but she was not home that night, back in May of 2015.

Amanda now goes by her maiden name, Constable. 



Before Amanda took the stand, the lead detective on the case testified and described pictures that showed guns, tactical gear and ammunition that belonged to Murry. 

Amanda met Roy at a friend’s party back in 2009. She said Roy did not have a good relationship with her mother Lisa Canfield. Amanda said it took a few years for things to get better. Amanda also said Roy and her stepfather Fire Lieutenant Terry Canfield did not really get along with him either, because Terry did not like to have guns in the house and Roy was always armed.

Amanda said there was a point of contention between the two. Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell asked Amanda to describe Roy’s personality and what he was like in social situations.

She said his personality was different depending on who he was with and whether or not they understood his sense of humor. Amanda said her family thought Roy was awkward.

“Like with my extended family who didn't have the same, didn't have as much in common, didn't understand his jokes they found him awkward and he would say things in his presence that were inappropriate things about guns and political discussions,” said Amanda Constable.

Amanda said Roy was awkward with her family and would talk about preparing for the government to collapse. She said Roy thought the government would eventually fall and would talk about preparations like needing enough food, supplies, ammunition and enough weapons to not only supply yourself but everybody you might need to arm that could help you. Amanda said this would make people feel uncomfortable. 

Amanda Constable's testimony will continue on Wednesday. 



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