43-time convicted felon sentenced to 27.5 years

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Christopher Cannata, a life-long criminal will spend 27.5 years in prison and 7.5 years on community custody for his most recent Spokane crime spree.

Police arrested the 43-time convicted felon for break-ins at Chaps, Lucky Detour and Performance Saw in 2015. He faced six charges from the incident.

“I can’t fix the things that have happened to you, just like you can’t fix the things you’ve done to other people,” said Judge James Triplet at Cannata’s sentencing hearing Friday.

In February 2015, the owner of Chaps and Lucky Detour arrived to find their windows broken and thousands of dollars missing.  KREM 2 spoke to Chaps owner Celeste Shaw in February as she was left cleaning up the damage.

“It's shocking that you can commit that many crimes and shocking that you can do that much against our city and be so comfortable with it,” said Shaw. “There's just no conscience with him at all it's very frustrating.”

Shaw spoke again in court on Friday, and said she was a “voice” for all victims Cannata has come into contact with.

Police arrested Cannata for the break-in. After being arrested initially for the Chaps burglary, Cannata posted bond and was released from jail but almost immediately police said he burglarized a business in Spokane Valley called Performance Saw. Court documents showed - in that case - Cannata admitted to police that he broke out the front window of the business and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of tools, stole a van and hit someone he knew in the head with a baseball bat. 

A detective speaking in court Friday said Cannata is arrested, on average, 23.7 times a year if he is not in jail.  The detective said Cannata even managed to commit crime in jail by taking property that belonged to other inmates by illegally signing property release forms.

Judge Triplet said Cannata had been arrested 95 times when he was out of custody and was “sure” there are other times he did not get caught.

Cannata’s mother spoke at the sentencing hearing. She said her son was sexually assaulted at the age of 13. She said he needed help and hopes someone will help him. 

In total, Cannata was sentenced to 27.5 years in prison and 7.5 years on community custody when he is released. 

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EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Cannata had 42 felonies. With his sentencing Friday, Cannata now has 43.



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