Updates on Mulinski, fundraising champ & Auto One Warranty




Posted on April 12, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Updated Friday, Jun 3 at 12:03 PM

Contractor Mulinski: The last time we saw contractor John Mulinski, he was hit with two counts of contracting without a license in King County.

It's nothing new for the Covington resident. It's the fifth time Labor and Industries has cited him for it in Washington alone, and Mulinski didn't feel like talking to me after facing the judge.

We've learned after his date in court, Mulinski signed an agreement with the Washington Attorney General's Office. Doug Walsh is the attorney on the case for the state and says Mulinski must pay back former customers listed in the order and also not violate the consumer protection laws or face serious legal repercussions.

"We would bring an action under the consumer protection act and seek the full range of remedies under the act in that event," he said.

Mulinski also must pay the state $12,000 for the costs of its investigation.

Difference Makers Fundraising: Now an update on Kirkland's Tammy Brokaw. She raised $6,000 in a fund-raising contest for a group called the Difference Maker Organization out of Renton. For months the group failed to send the cash Tammy raised to its intended charity, the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation.

We just got word from the Jonas Brothers' managers that the Difference Makers' check just arrived in Hollywood.

Auto One Warranty: We've done some reporting on the company Auto One Warranty. It was failing to pay claims for some if its customers and we were able to help viewers get their money back. However we've just learned that the company has shut its doors to new business. We're told all policies bought through Auto One are still valid and payments are being taken by another company.

Auto One Warranty payments are being handled by Paylink. For more information, contact your claims administrator listed on your contract, or call Paylink at 800-839-7940.