Retailer misses the mark with a return



Posted on March 10, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 10 at 6:38 PM

Kristine Paul's got an issue with her new camera. It's not the one she bought.

"It was the wrong camera in the wrong box," she said.

She used her Target credit card to buy a Canon SX120 camera from the store in Woodinville, but when she opened the box, a cheaper Canon SX110 was inside.

There's more.

"The lens wouldn't open and it looked like the lens was damaged," she said.

When Kristine returned the camera on the same day of purchase, Target wouldn't take it back.

"They wouldn't reimburse me. They basically said what I bought is what they sold."

Kristine bought the camera before her vacation to Hawaii. Before buying the camera, she asked the salesman to put in the memory card.

"I had looked at a lot of cameras and there were a lot of cameras going back into different boxes. It could be possible the wrong camera got into the box. The other question is, why was it damaged behind the counter?"

I know what you are thinking: she stole it. Well, Kristine has been a Target shopper for more than a decade. She has no criminal record and the balance on her Target card, which she's had for more than two years, is less than $400, including the $257 camera purchase.

"I've been a customer and a good paying customer for a number of years without any returns."

When she went back to the store, she says they didn't treat her right.

"Like I switched something, like I was trying to pull something."

We contacted Target, figuring that if this was a bad deal, they'd tell us. The company basically stood by their story and said Kristine needs to contact Canon. So we did. We called Canon, told them about Kristine and they responded quickly. They sent her a new camera and won a loyal customer.

However, her relationship with Target is over.