Power chair arrives too small




Posted on July 21, 2010 at 11:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 21 at 11:30 PM

Shirley Gipson doesn't do a lot of walking or standing, and she relies on her power chair to get around.

About a month ago it was delivered to her Kent home. That's when the problems started.

For one, the chair doesn't fit.

"My knee is hanging out to the side and I'm running into walls. Oh my gosh, a lot of pain in this chair," she said.

See, Shirley is 5-foot-11' and the chair is much too small. She practically falls out of it.

The Scooter Store delivered it, and for weeks she's tried to have them come adjust it.

"I have called the Scooter Store almost practically everyday, everyday, complaining about this chair," she said. "I've been doing that for a month now."

Shirley's chair has an 18x18 seat. We're about the same height, so I can see why she felt a little uncomfortable in this power wheelchair. What she really needs is about a 22x22 seat.

I spoke to the people at the Scooter Store. Here's what they say happened:

Shirley was calling their corporate offices in Texas, but her concerns weren't forwarded to the local office in Renton. I talked to John Oban, the manager, who jumped on Shirley's case quickly.

"From a company standpoint, we went ahead and overnighted a seat from Florida. She came in yesterday morning, put the unit it together," he said.

Not only did Shirley get a new seat, she got an entirely brand-new chair that fits.

"Everything is going a whole lot better," said Shirley. "I was bumping my knees into the walls because of the other chair. Then you came aboard and cleaned everything up. I have my new chair that I'm sitting in that I'm very happy to have."

The Scooter Store says Medicare only pays for one type of power wheelchair, and obviously that did not fit Shirley. So the company says it ate the cost and got her a new one. Thanks, guys, for stepping up.