Mail sent to the wrong address



Posted on May 13, 2010 at 11:00 PM

Updated Thursday, May 13 at 10:41 PM

Jennifer Wilcox and Bob Desrochers are a young couple in their first home, but whenever the mail arrives, the two split up. Some of their most important pieces of mail haven't been delivered to their mailbox in six months.

"Our personal information, our mail, our bills everything going to the completely wrong address," Jennifer said.

Jennifer and Bob's street address is 2116, but their mail goes to another address and Bob has to make that trip almost every day.

"I have to come down and get it at 2110 and see if they've received any of OUR mail."

The separation anxiety hit its peak after Bob got a parking ticket and he never received the letter with his court date.

"When I go to refute it, I miss my court date and the they slap on an additional $25 fine to it. It's adding fuel to the fire," he said.

Bob's burning because he's filed complaints with the U.S. Postal Service with no results and the neighbors aren't happy either.

"One of them ripped open our mail writing on it so hard in pen 'Get this fixed!' They're really unhappy about it and I would be too after six months," Bob said.

So Jennifer and Bob called me, and I contacted the U.S. Postal Service who said, "It's pretty complicated."

Maria Taylor with the Post Office says before this was a condo, the address was 2116. The city changed it to 2110 when the old house was torn down. That's now the neighbor's place and for some reason, after Jennifer and Bob's place was built, the Postal Service couldn't seem to update its computers until we stepped in.

"With a couple of clicks we changed the number in their database and it was fixed immediately."

Good. First stop, Bob and Jennifer's neighbor, Emily Wiley. She didn't write and nasty grams, but was glad it's taken care of.

"I just felt bad for Bob," she said.

You'd think this would be an easy problem to solve, but it took several people at the Postal Service a couple of days to explain what went wrong, and just a minute to fix it. I'm glad they've figured things out for the next customer with a similar problem.