Consignment deal has guitar seller singing the blues



Posted on March 21, 2011 at 5:30 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 21 at 10:44 PM

When Mike Quaranta plays guitar, he likes to rock out. But lately, this strummer of the six string is playing the blues.

Why is Mike playing a sad song? Last year he decided to part ways with a Gibson J-45.

"Round shouldered, dreadnaught, beautiful acoustic guitar," Mike said. "To me, I get as much satisfaction looking at a guitar as an art collector would looking at a painting."

But that work of art was sitting in a case, gathering moss and not a rolling stone.

"I definitely felt that guitar needed to be played and needed to go to somebody who is going to use it. It's a beautiful guitar," Mike said.

He consigned it for $1,000 last May at a place called GuitarVille in Shoreline. Later in December, he says he was told the guitar had been sold, but he wouldn't be getting paid.

"Even though the guitar had been paid for, he no longer had the money to pay me the $1,000," Mike said.

Mike says the owner told him he had some money problems. Months after the store changed locations and changed ownership, Mike was still promised a check, but not right away.

"The prospect of not getting paid for that really hit me hard," Mike said.

Mike contacted me and I got in touch with GuitarVille. We got the same story Mike did about money problems and were told they wanted to pay, but couldn't.

But they later changed their tune and sent Mike a check. GuitarVille claims they had just sold the guitar a couple days before. Well, however this tune was written. We all know how it ends.

"I love that. It's going to go a long ways in my bank account," Mike said.

If you consign an item, make sure you get a detailed agreement in writing. Also, if you're stuff isn't selling, you can pull it and take it someplace where it will.

Tips for consigning