Get Jesse: Opening the KING 5 mailbag



Posted on November 12, 2009 at 7:00 AM

Updated Thursday, Nov 19 at 12:38 PM

It's that time again. Jesse is opening up the mailbag to answer your consumer questions:

I got e-mails from two angry Seahawk fans Jeff Wilber and Cal Pfahl. It wasn't how the team played in the first half. These fans were among others who were ticketed for parking next to this fence on Utah Street South. There aren't any "no parking" signs. I asked Seattle parking enforcement supervisor Mary Mitchell what the deal is.

"It would be impossible for the Department of Transportation to put up signs for every parking violation," she said.

It turns out, if there is no sidewalk, you must leave 3 feet from a fence or wall, even though there are no signs. Officers still have to enforce the law.

An update on Pastor Tony Morris. He's the Renton pastor who borrowed more than a million dollars from his members and other churches, and never repaid them.
Earlier this year his stuff was hauled off because he lost a $200,000 judgment to a former church member.
Since Morris didn't pay, the court ruled that everything in his house could be seized and sold.
When the moving trucks started loading, Morris filed bankruptcy. Everything was locked up and put on hold.

Now a King County judge signed off on the sale, and the pastor's household goods and jewelry will auctioned off on November 18.

Finally, your name could be among the half a million others that were just reported to the Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Division last week.

The problem is they only have two people to log all of the paperwork. So it's going to take until about February for folks to find out if they have money coming their way. The state tells us to keep checking their Web site, It's updated every day.