Edmonds man struggles with Bank of America to keep home




Posted on October 8, 2010 at 10:50 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 8 at 10:52 PM

EDMONDS, Wash. - Michael Grady settles in after working 55 hours this week as a Metro bus driver. For the last year, he's been working crazy hours, even taking up a weekend job as a swing dance instructor.

"Oh, it was just horrific in the beginning. I just couldn't handle it," said Grady.

Grady's whole life is wrapped around paying for his house in Edmonds, which he bought with a friend nine years ago. That friend went bankrupt and stopped paying. Grady kept paying, making arrangements for lower payments with Bank of America. But after a mix up in paperwork, Grady says Bank of America threatened foreclosure even though Grady says he continued making payments.

"They're calling me. I'm calling them. They won't return my calls. They say 'Oh you can't talk to them. Talk to this person. Oh, this person is no longer here.' That's when I came up with the call center vortex. It's a call center vortex," said Grady.

Since then he's been drowning in paperwork.

"I was slightly skeptical that Michael wasn't doing the right thing," says Grady's attorney Peter Buck. "But when a seasoned lawyer tries to get through and no one can and you can't get an answer on what the mortgage payment is, that's surprising."

Buck is working pro bono on this case. He believes there are thousands like Grady who want to make payments, but need a little help.

"If three of us who are pretty seasoned lawyers who can't cut through it, what do you expect from a bus driver who tries so hard? I'm convinced that this story is repeated time and time again," said Buck.

Grady is now living in the basement of his own home. He rents out the rest of the house for extra money. This is not the life he envisioned.

"I was finally rallying to get a house and excited about it and now the whole thing is imploding," said Grady.

Two months ago, Grady says he signed an agreement for a new loan payment plan with Bank of America, but he has yet to receive the paperwork with details on the modification. He continues to make payments, though he's hoping this will keep him from foreclosure.

Calls to Bank of America on by KING 5 have not been returned.