Crossroads Appliance claims customers are 'double dipping'



Posted on September 7, 2010 at 11:43 AM

Mike Orendorff is one of the scores of customers who paid the now defunct Crossroads Appliance of Bellevue for items, but never received them.

He was out $14,000.

A few weeks later, Mike's remodel is well behind schedule.

"It was really tough, not only were you out the money,  all of a sudden the project changes its dynamics," Mike tells me.

Now, the family Thanksgiving dinner is going to be a makeshift affair.

"If the appliances aren't taken care of, we're going to leave that (the stove) where it is for the time being and we'll put this oven back in the hole of the new cabinet," Mike says.

Orendorff did exactly what Crossroads told him to do, ask his credit card company for a charge back, or a refund.

His credit card company has reversed the charges, but they are now making it sound like Crossroads Appliance may dispute the reversal.

Mike adds, "We hope we just keep our fingers's all we can do right now."

I spoke to the attorney for Crossroads Appliance who tells me the slow down for charge backs is caused by at least a dozen people who asked their credit card company for refunds, even thought they got their appliances. In other words they're double dipping. So the company has been asked by the banks to perform a through check of its records.

In the meantime I sent Mike's information to the lawyer making sure he knows Mike is on the up-and-up.

The lawyer for Crossroads Appliance says the credit card companies are working on a list of people trying to double dip.  But for the good folks caught in the middle, your credit card company should provide you a credit right away. Then it will be up to Crossroads Appliance to fight the chargeback. I'm told that unless you've doubled dipped you'll get your money.