Credit card company balks on customers rewards



Posted on December 22, 2009 at 12:00 AM

Updated Monday, Dec 21 at 9:18 PM

KENT, Wash - Doug Brubaker loves his guns, his kids and baseball. Doug was a minor league pitcher with the Baltimore Orioles, And now it seems his credit card company is balking on sending out his rewards.

"You know that feeling when you know someone has stolen from you, if you get your car broken into," Doug explained. "It's that feeling like they just stole from me."

His credit card company, Elan Financial Services, isn't really stealing from Doug, but they won't give him the 10,500 points he earned towards two Cabela's gift certificates. And he's checked the status of the order regularly since last November.

"I'd go in and wonder what the status of that is and uh... still in process," said Doug.

The next thing you know, the company decided to reject the entire order points and all because he was supposed to complain within 90 days. Remember, everything looked perfectly fine online.

"In process means there's not a problem," Doug said.

The company's stance was legal, but I didn't think it was right. So I gave them a call and one day later,  Elan Financial phoned the Kent resident offering to send him the gift cards and 10,500 points.

Doug couldn't be happier. "They stepped up and said, 'Hey, somebody from our company didn't treat you right and we want to make it right."

The company said this was the first time something like this has happened and they promise to work with their vendor to make sure this stays a one-time occurrence.

Our tip: Call your credit card company after 30 days if you don't get your goods.

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