Couple gets wedding video 4 1/2 years late



Posted on January 19, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Updated Tuesday, Jan 19 at 12:27 AM

When Karen and Shane Sehlin want to remember their wedding in 2005, they bring out the photo album and look at the pictures. Despite their smiling faces, something's missing in their marriage.

"We've been married four-and-a-half years and never received our wedding video," said Karen.

That's right. Karen and Shane paid a company called Living Moments $1,400 to shoot the event.

"Two came out shot the wedding shot the reception and everything is dandy, or so we thought," said Karen.

For years, Karen tried to get the tapes, but got nowhere with the owner. Since then, she's had a son. It's a shame. The couple didn't have a wedding video to show their son.

"It was a big night for us," said Shane. "It's one of those priceless memories that Chase would like to see one day to see how this all started."

Karen dropped me an e-mail and, through public records, I found the owner of Living Moments. We've learned he went out of business couple of years ago, but when we asked, he still had the wedding tapes and sent them to Karen right away. She couldn't believe it when it arrived on her doorstep.

"I was shocked. I got the tracking information and the video arrived yesterday," said Karen.

After hitting play, the moment of truth brought back memories.

We get a lot of calls about wedding photography and videos. The Sehlin's wish they'd done a little more research.

Here's a tip. Don't make an important and expensive decision like that in a hurry. Make sure you have enough time to check references and see their previous work before writing a big check.