Bank account worked out by gym



Posted on February 4, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Updated Wednesday, Feb 3 at 9:25 PM

TACOMA, Wash. - Brandon Fix is sore, and it's not because of his workout. His old gym, All Star Fitness in Tacoma, won't stop charging him.

In May, Brandon's job took him to Eastern Washington. His contract says Brandon can cancel if he moves 25 miles from any of the club's locations.

"The manager of the club said 'No problem.' They were very nice about it," said Brandon.

But what wasn't so nice is the people at All Star Fitness kept taking the $63 monthly fee from his bank account.

"Every time this happens, I have to go through a whole big process of getting all my documentation, calling them, hounding them and it's just a pain," he said.

Know what hurt worse? It took seven months, until December, for the gym to get their hands out of Brandon's bank account and return the money.

But in January they started charging him again out of the blue. That's right, All Star was all up in Brandon's money again. This time for $32.

"They need to destroy our credit card number from their files so that somebody somewhere can't push the button or do whatever they're doing to keep charging me," he said.

Get this: While we were shooting video at All Star Fitness, Tom Duggan, the Chief Operating Officer, stopped by and asked me what was up. We went inside for a little chat. I also discovered that the gym shorted Brandon by $60 when they repaid him the first time.

Within a day, Brandon got a call from the company apologizing and refunding all his money that night.

Brandon Fix: "All paid in full."

Jesse Jones: "How do you like that?"

Brandon Fix: "Beautiful, beautiful, thank you so much!"

Tom Duggan from All Star Fitness accepted responsibility for what happened, explaining that the employee who dropped the ball has been let go. Bottom line here: Keep your documents and make sure you go over any cancellation clause before signing up.