Man gets runaround after being overcharged at McDonald's


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Posted on July 29, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 29 at 10:21 AM

Video: Man gets runaround after being overcharged at McDonald's

Greg Anderson is a big guy. He doesn't love food, food loves him.

But that love affair went sour on a trip last month to a Renton McDonald's.

Greg ordered some food and handed over his debit card.

"I sit there 5 minutes, he swipes it again, tells me it doesn't work and he has to swipe it again," Greg said.

He eventually paid with cash only to learn that his wallet got hit by the hamburglar.

"My wife actually brought it up to me. She was checking the account a couple days later and asked why I ate at McDonald's three times within an hour-and-a-half period. And I said, 'What?'" he recalled.

Greg ordered four hamburgers two apple pies and one medium coke. But his card was charged three times.

He was overcharged $20, so Greg began his journey to repayment.

Greg took his cash receipt and his bank statement to McDonalds and he was told to talk to his bank.

Greg's bank said they didn't mess this up and sent him back to McDonald's.

So he went back to McDonald's who tried to send him back to his bank, but he called me instead.

McDonald's admits they have Greg's money, but they only want to deal with the bank.

We just asked them for Greg's money and they credited it back to his account.

Greg doesn't understand why McDonalds won't deal with its customers.

"I probably spent over $200 in my time leaving work, trying to take care of it. It's not worth the time," he said.

Always try to work these issues out with the merchant first. But your bank will have your back if you really need to dispute it.

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