Clearing up confusion with the DTV switch



Posted on August 15, 2009 at 1:43 PM

Updated Monday, Sep 28 at 11:09 AM

Video: Clearing up confusion with the DTV switch

Cable customers will still be able to watch television come the June 12 switch to digital TV.

If you subscribe to Comcast as over 1 million people do in Washington State, you're going to need a box to see channels 30 and above. That has nothing to do with the federal DTV transition.

"With the federal digital transition you were fine with Comcast, you will always be fine with Comcast. This is about Comcast compressing a whole bunch of our digital signals to make room for more HD channels, faster Internet," said regional spokesman Walter Neary.

He admits there has been a lot of confusion about their new digital network enhancement program. Think of it as "cable housekeeping."

Comcast needs to compress old signals and free up bandwidth to offer more programming. Neary says it will happen nationwide, but it's first starting in Portland and Seattle.

"We didn't want Seattle to be last. So we volunteered and said we'd like to do this now, understanding we'd have a lot of conversations with customers," he said.

If you don't already have a two-way boxes, you'll need one. That's free if you install it yourself.

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You can also get up to two of the adaptors that control other television sets in your home for free. Any additional ones will cost more.

Neary says a little explanation to customers goes a long way.

"Once people know there is a reason, they understand, a light goes on," he said.