Applications through state-run exchanges


Associated Press

Posted on October 15, 2013 at 2:02 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 15 at 2:03 PM

The 14 states operating their own health insurance exchanges have varied widely in their reporting of data since the marketplaces opened for enrollment on Oct. 1. This chart shows the number of people in these states who have begun the application process and the number of those processed by state exchange officials. It also includes the District of Columbia.

Very few states are reporting the number of people who have actually signed up for a particular insurance policy or are releasing information about the most common types of polices purchased.

The federal government has not yet released similar data for the 36 states using the federal exchange.

StateTotal applications startedApplications processedReporting date
California43,60016,300Oct. 5
Colorado8,400No data availableOct. 9
Connecticut8,0001,847Oct. 10
HawaiiNo data availableNoneOct. 11
Kentucky26,75318,351Oct. 9
Maryland13,532566Oct. 6
Massachusetts7,5531,471Oct. 9
Minnesota10,000No data availableOct. 11
New York60,30040,000Oct. 8
Nevada3,6542,270Oct. 8
Oregon1,337NoneOct. 7
Rhode Island2,929580Oct. 3
Vermont4,200700Oct. 10
Washington66,77624,949Oct. 14
Washington, D.C.8,4271,112Oct. 7


Source: Associated Press reporting.