Women talk about finding hit-and-run victim in street




Posted on June 9, 2013 at 5:10 PM

Updated Sunday, Jun 9 at 5:39 PM

SEATTLE - The 53-year-old woman who was hit by a car while out for a jog remains at Harborview with life threatening injuries.

The two women who found the victim are talking about what happened.

Julie Ambrose and Athena Frederick can’t forget what they saw if they tried.

“It doesn't seem real, I keep replaying the first few minutes of arriving there in my head,” said Frederick.

“She was still breathing, but it was obvious she was injured severely,” said Ambrose.

A woman with red hair was lying motionless in the street.

“I asked her a few times if she could hear me and she didn't respond,” said Ambrose.

A stranger, they say, someone left to die.

“I can’t comprehend that," said Frederick.

"I think that's been the part that's been so hard because West Seattle Is such a community and when we go out on our runs Saturday we see everyone we know and it’s just hard for us to comprehend that one of our neighbors wouldn't stop or make sure she's OK,” said Frederick.

“It’s awful to see something like that and not know what happened. I think you naturally want an explanation for it and to know that she’s going to be OK."

It’s a question with no answer, but neighbors like Ken Blessing have a clue - cars recklessly speeding up to 60 mph here. The speed limit is 15.

“It’s unfortunate but if we all do our part put up signs like this and signs like that maybe they'll slow down,” said Blessing.

While residents are doing what they can, Julie and Athena hope the driver does the right thing.

“We just want whoever did it no matter what happened, no matter what the circumstances, to come forward because she is someone’s wife, she is a human being and her family deserves to know what happened,” said Frederick.

While the injured jogger fights to survive her injuries, Ambrose and Frederick are planning a community-wide run next Saturday to support her.