Test scores show Seattle's Franklin High School 'whipping up miracles'




Posted on August 31, 2011 at 6:22 AM

Updated Wednesday, Aug 31 at 10:13 AM

SEATTLE - Even before students fill the halls and before lockers are crammed with books, there is a lot to talk about at Franklin high school.
"It makes me feel really good. You always want to be the best student, you always want your school to be the best school, so numbers support it even more," says Chynna Williams, who is preparing for her senior year at Franklin.
Statewide students took tests in the Spring. The state released the test score results for every school on Tuesday. The list reveals if schools are meeting state standards in subjects like reading, writing and science.
Nancy Coogan, the Executive Director of the Central Region for Seattle Public Schools, has been looking over lots of test results. Several of the 20 schools she oversees did well, including some classes inside Queen Anne schools, where 100 percent of students met state standards.
When asked which one of her schools stood out, Coogan replied, "It would be Franklin for sure."
Inside Franklin High School, Principal Jennifer Wiley is proud.
"We are whipping up miracles here in some respect," said Wiley.
Last year test results fell short of the school's goals. As a result, efforts at Franklin High were stepped up, with assistant principals checking in with teachers every six weeks to see how students were progressing.

Now the 2011 results show improvement. 80.9 percent of students met or exceeded the state reading standard this year, compared with 64 percent last year. Science test scores are up about four percent, and writing test scores are up more than two percent.
"What's exciting to us and what people should be thrilled about is everybody can see a reflection of success in these numbers," said Wiley.
Principal Wiley is already focusing on specific groups of students that did not test as well, and working on a plan to provide more help in the upcoming school year.

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