Seattle students rap about gender wage gap



Posted on July 1, 2014 at 6:11 PM

Updated Tuesday, Jul 1 at 6:11 PM

SEATTLE – A group of local high school students used a class project as a microphone for change. Four students from Nathan Hale High School in North Seattle wrote a rap about the gender wage gap.

Currently, on average, women in the Seattle metro area make 73 cents for every dollar made by men.

In the final months of the school year the students were assigned a project called “Authors of Change.” They were tasked to find a problem that needs to be fixed. That’s when they decided to focus on the wage gap.

“I just like to say what I think and say what I feel,” Sam Nasralla said.

Nasralla wrote a rap and later helped produce a music video.

“No better way to change the rap game a little bit, rather than degrading women, we’re going to build them up,” Nasralla said.

His classmate Nick Jansen shot and edited the music video.

“This is the first legit music video I’ve ever produced,” Nick Jansen said. “We put it together in about 8 hours on a single Sunday.”

The students hope their rap raises awareness about a serious issue that needs attention.

Here’s a link to the music video put together by the students: