Santa's sleigh delayed after snags at UPS, FedEx



Posted on December 25, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 25 at 7:01 PM

Warehouses and delivery trucks took the place of Christmas trees for many this year, the spot where families typically expect to find their gifts on Christmas morning.

An empty spot where Ava and Annika Erikson hoped to open a Barbie dream house.
“Well the Fed Ex didn’t deliver it. Yay, FedEx!” Ava said.

Their dad, Greg, ordered the gift last week as an Amazon Prime customer, guaranteeing 2-day delivery.

The status update still reads “In Transit – Delivery Date – Monday December 23rd.”

“Listen girls, before we go downstairs I’ve got to tell you. We did get you the Barbie dream house that you wanted,” Greg remembered telling them. “Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive.”

Both Fed Ex and UPS blame several factors. Weather problems, and increased online shopping done last minute, all led to volumes much higher than predicted.

Hundreds posted on KING 5’s Facebook page, many in support of delivery drivers for UPS and FedEx. One commented that her husband has only seen their kids for 15 minutes each morning.

Sue Toyoda kept a good attitude Wednesday while giving her husband, Scott, two of this three presents in their Kenmore living room.

“You get a case and a storage disk,” she said.

“Where is the camera?” Scott asked.

“It’s not here yet,” Sue laughed.

The couple admits they waited until the last minute to order their gifts, another of the major issues cited by delivery companies.

“I’m not so concerned about the money,” Scott said. “It’s more promises made, promises kept.”

FedEx alone handled 275 million shipments and claim that delays only affected a small percent.
Even if that percent included a much-desired Barbie dream house.

“But we are still thankful for the things that we got,” Ava and Annika said.