Mother loses two sons in one day

Mother loses two sons in one day

Mother loses two sons in one day


by Staff

Posted on February 2, 2010 at 7:32 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A NE Portland mother was mourning the loss of two children Tuesday.

Marva Davis' first son died Friday morning of heart and kidney failure. Just hours later, a second son died in an officer-involved shooting.

"It's hard, it's hard, it's hard," Davis said, holding back tears.

But Davis was all cried out Tuesday when she shared her story. She said her son, Timothy Douglass, 23, got a heart transplant 10 years ago.

In the past few weeks, he went into decline. Friday morning, Marva sat with Timothy for the last time.

"When he looked at me and said, 'Mom, I wanna go home tomorrow' and I said, 'OK, honey, you'll go home tomorrow.' And then he looked up and passed away," Marva said.

Marva returned home to grieve the loss. Her other son, Aaron Campbell, was especially close with Timothy. Marva said Aaron spent countless hours by Timothy's bedside at OHSU.

He would feed him, keep him company, even sleep on the floor at night, so Timothy wouldn't be alone. When Timothy died, Marva said, Aaron lost it.

"He's like 'Life ain't worth living. I don't want to live without my brother,'" Marva said. "I said, Aaron, 'you've got to think about your children. You've got four children and they love you.'"

Then came the call that will haunt Marva forever. Just hours after losing one son, she lost another.

"One of the family members got a call and said, the police just shot Aaron and then I was just out of control," she said.

Marva said Aaron was killed in an officer-involved shooting outside his girlfriend's NE Portland home. Officers believed he was armed, suicidal and possibly a danger to surrounding families. When Aaron didn't comply with orders, police shot him several times with a bean bag gun. When he still didn't comply, an officer shot him with a rifle.

Marva said she doesn't believe Aaron deserved to die. He didn't have a weapon and wasn't hurting anybody, she said. Marva wondered why the officer felt threatened enough to pull the trigger.

"What threatened him? What did he do? Did he run at him? Did he run to him? Did he try to attack him?" Marva asked. "What did he do that he was so threatened, That's what I want to know. What did Aaron do to cause him to shoot him in the back?"

Police were investigating and said they did not find a gun on Campbell, but later found one in the apartment.

When officers arrived, they spoke with Campbell's girlfriend in the apartment parking lot. She told them her boyfriend was despondent and had been carrying a gun. The girlfriend and Campbell exchanged text messages in which the man said he would come out with the gun, police said.

Marva said she's cried and now she's trying to be strong for her family.

She said, while Timothy's death was expected, Aaron's was senseless. Marva said Aaron had gotten into trouble in the past, but he was turning his life around. He dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

"He was trying to be a better person," Marva said.

Tuesday, Marva was planning a double funeral.