Man sues Vegas casino after losing $500,000 while drunk



Associated Press

Posted on March 6, 2014 at 7:24 AM

Updated Thursday, Mar 6 at 7:36 AM

LAS VEGAS -  What happens in Vegas - apparently does not stay in Vegas. A California businessman is suing Las Vegas' Downtown Casino Grand for allowing him to gamble after he had too much to drink during Super Bowl weekend.

Mark Johnston, ,52, reportedly lost half a million dollars while playing blackjack and pai gow. Johnston claims he was blackout drunk and doesn't remember the night. He's arguing that he shouldn’t have to pay because he was visibly drunk.

In Nevada, it is illegal for casinos to allow visibly intoxicated patrons to gamble or consume alcoholic drinks.

Johnston's lawyer believes the casino took advantage of an extremely drunk man and continued to loan him money. The lawsuit will be based on security camera footage and witness accounts.

The suit also alleges that the Grand comped him dozens of drinks while he gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars. Johnston says he didn’t learn how much he had lost until the next day.

Johnston's lawyer said the casino intends to pursue Johnston for trying to get out of his gambling debts.

Legal teams for both sides of the case are preparing for the upcoming case.


Johnson said: “I feel like they picked my pockets. I feel like they took a drunk guy… like a drunk guy walking down the street, and you reach in his pockets and grab all his money.”
Read more at Nevada, it is illegal to allow a visibly intoxicated person to gamble or get free drinks. Johnston's laywer claims the casino took advantage of a heavily drunk man and continued to loan him money. The lawsuit will be based on security video and witness accounts.