Driver hits cyclist and flees; Another saves victim's life


by KING 5 News

Posted on May 30, 2014 at 5:40 PM

Updated Friday, May 30 at 6:54 PM

It's a tale of two drivers. One who hit a cyclist and fled the scene, and another that stopped and helped save the victim's life.

Those who drive Southwest Spokane Street near West Seattle know it's a busy road used by trucks, cars and bikes. Coming home after 9 p.m. on May 22, David Peterson thought the debris in the road looked like discarded bedding.

"As I came over the lower level bridge, I saw a shadowy thing in the middle of the road," said Peterson. "As I drove by I looked off to the left and I could see feet."

The feet belonged to an unconscious and bleeding John Macy, who had been hit by a car. Petersen called 911, stayed by him, touched his shoulder, and talked to him until help arrived.

"I'd love to meet him," said Macy. "I owe him a lot."

A week later the 30-year-old cyclist is counting his blessings while recovering from reconstructive surgery.

Macy's father talked with detectives and learned just how violent the collision was with the hit and run driver.

"He went through the windshield. He went thorugh it very hard," said John Macy Sr. "A lot of his cuts are from where he came out of it onto the street."

The physical impact left Macy with a shattered skull, pelvis, and cuts all over his body. The emotional impact is far reaching, to him, his family, and even the man who likely saved his life.

"I'm surprised how much this impacted me," said Peterson. "I don't know this person at all but to come across somebody in the middle of the street like that and damaged to the degree he was damaged is hard to see."

Macy's father is hoping this story will inspire someone else to step forward and do the right thing.

"I think there's a good Samaritan out there who knows who did this," said John Macy Sr. "And I'm looking for that person to come forward and show the courage that David Peterson did."

Seattle police believe the suspect's car was a light metallic blue. It is missing the right side mirror and has heavy damage to the windshield.

The suspect's vehicle had been traveling westbound a the time of the collision and likely continued over the lower bridge into West Seattle.