Woodinville woman's mission is saving abandoned German Shepherds




Posted on May 29, 2012 at 7:06 PM

Updated Tuesday, May 29 at 7:06 PM

Kat Biggs has some new best friends -  dogs she was able to save from shelters in California.

"A litter of puppies were euthanized Saturday morning... that we missed, so it's heartbreaking,” she said.

According to Biggs, California shelters put down roughly 4 million dogs last year, and still are overwhelmed.

"The coolers in the back of these shelters are full of dead dogs,” said Biggs

So the animal lover rented a truck and brought back the dogs who were just days from facing a similar fate.

"All of the Washington dogs are taken care of,” she said. “We have the means to help other states in need.”

Kat got help from 9-year-old Elsie Leonard, who donated $52 of tooth fairy money to cover some of the costs to transport the dogs.  And Libby Baarstad, owner of Paradise Pet Lodge, is housing the German Shepherds until they find homes.

"We deal with the positive side of pet ownership,” she said. “And then they're the dogs that are hours away from death because they don't have their forever homes so i want to help... I'm a dog lover."

Kat is the founder of Northwest German Shepherd Rescue.  It all started when she took in a neglected neighborhood dog who worked her way into Kat's heart and touched the lives of many others.

"Peggy had cancer, and the dog knew she had cancer, so for two months during chemo the dog would go and visit her every day, and then walk the kids getting off the school bus home and then come back to my porch when her job was done,” she said.  

Now, she feels it's her duty to give back, to provide the best life possible for the most loyal companions. 

"He deserves to die in a home, not a shelter in a kennel,” she said.