Curly (or Scottish) kale chip recipe


by TINA PETERSON / Hendrikus Organics

Posted on January 18, 2014 at 1:05 PM

Kale is truly the Queen of Greens, with more nutrition per calorie than any other vegetable. High in Vitamin A, K and C, rich in Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Potassium to name a few, it also boasts natural compounds that have anti-cancer properties, cholesterol-lowering benefits, anti-inflammatory nutrients and anti-oxidants.

A favorite way to enjoy kale at any time is Kale Chips!
Curly (or Scottish) Kale is my favorite for dehydrating, the curls add more crunch!

Tear off bite sized pieces of fresh kale (do not use the stem).
Mix together in a shallow bowl with organic olive (or other favorite) oil.
Add flavorful spices to taste (I use a hot pepper sauce of cayenne and garlic).
Add salt.
Use fingertips to lightly massage into both sides of the leaves.
I pour small amounts of the mix onto a cutting board and coat my fingertips from there to be sure I include salt in each rub.
Place in dehydrator.
Dry at 135º for 1 to 1-1/2 hours for Curly Kales, 1 hour for Russian or Dinosaur Kales.
ENJOY! You can't eat just one!