Parent Help Hotline, Easter treats, Babies 'Round the World

Parent Help Hotline

Parents, we all need a little help from time to time. Sometimes it's noteasy to find someone to listen or to give you good advice.Parents inWashingtonstate are reaching for the phone. Parent Trust is a toll free helpline used by parents, grandparents, teachers and doctors. You can call800-932-HOPEto ask about anything from your baby's teething to more serious issues involving your tweens and teens. For example,howto get kids to do their homework? Howto getthem to follow through on their chores.The advice is free and so is the phone call.

Easter Treats

Easter is almost here.We found some fun crafts and food ideas, courtesy of

Here's a twist for decorating eggs:

Think of your egg as a little gingerbread cookie. Instead of just dying it, spruce it up with sprinkles, icing, and candy!

Another tip for your eggs-- get brown eggs for dying instead of white. They give you a richer color.

And this is a cute idea. Make cupcakes in oven-safe teacups. They make a great centerpiece too!


Parents are cooing over a new movie coming out soon called Babies. It's a documentary style film that tracks the first year of four babies fromNamibia,Japan, Mongolia and San Francisco.It's being described as totally cute but also eye opening.It willgive youa look atways of life around the world. Babies opens on Mother's Day. We have a few clips of the film in this week's segment so click play if you want to check it out.

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