Mean girls, battling bullies online

Mean girls

If you are a daughter or have a daughter, chances are that one of you has encountered a Mean Girl at school.They're the cliquey ones who spread rumors and leave other girls out at the lunch tables and parties.While boys usually express power through intimidation, girls do it through exclusion.They'll give another girl the silent treatment or tell other kids not to be friends with her. Linda Morgan, author of the book Beyond Smartsays it borders on bullying. It's a real blow to their self esteem and their confidence and sometimes this can manifest itself in depression. Some girls don't even want to go to school.Their school work suffers and their learning suffers, Morgan tells KING 5. Here's a link to more of Linda Morgan's interview with our Seattle affiliate KING 5.

So how can you help your daughter cope with mean girls?

*Be supportive. Ask her how she feels about the mean behavior.
*Encourage new friendships and activities.
*If things escalate, and your daughter can't resolve the problems on her own, talk to school officials.
*And don't forget to be a good role model. Don't gossip.
*Let her know that things will get better.

Stop cyberbullying

That's also the message behind an effort to stop cyberbullying. More than 500 parents, educators, and law enforcement officers are meeting in Seattle this week to learn how to combat the problem. It's the 7th Annual Conference of the International Bullying Prevention Association. Their message: victims don't have to fight online bullies on their own.

The It Gets Better Project is a sign of hope for gay children and teens. Author Dan Savage created the website to encourage despondent young people that the bullying will stop and that life will improve for them. If you d like to find out more about how to stop bullying here are some other resources you can check out:

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