Mysterious gold coin Salvation Army donor fears this Christmas may be his last

The mystery man has been dropping a coin in a red kettle for the past seven years.

SPOKANE, Wash. – A rare gold coin was dropped in a Salvation Army red kettle on November 22 at the Wandermere Fred Meyer.

The anonymous donor has been leaving a gold coin in the Salvation Army kettle for the past seven years. This year was a little different because this time, the coin was wrapped in a $100 bill. The approximate price of gold is just over $1,190. The donor had yet to reach out since this began back in 2009.

The donation also came with a touching, emotional letter from the donor. The letter described the very valid reasons why he gives the coin every year. According to the generous donor, the Salvation Army has been helping him throughout his long career as a fireman in Spokane.

The mystery man said in his letter he was now a retired Spokane City fire fighter.

"In the 60s when he was a fire man the Salvation Army showed up to every major fire with a little broken down station wagon opening up a hatchback and giving free coffee and sandwiches to the firemen,” said Shelia Geraghty from the Salvation Army.

The gold coin donor wrote this might be his last year being able to give back to the organization that meant so much to him.

"The vagaries of age and health are upon me. My body and mind may be savaged by time, but my memory of all you have done for us is still as fresh as if it was last night,” the donor wrote.

Geraghty hopes the letter does not imply this will be the last time they hear from him.

"He says here in his letter that if we do get another coin next December that he has been given another year. So to me that means he feels something about his longevity fading and that's sad to me,” said Geraghty.

Those who want to see the rare coin and the letter can stop by the Salvation Army.



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