Unforgettable cast on Katherine Heigl's transformation

How far would you go for love? That's the underlying theme of the new thriller, Unforgettable.

How far would you go for love? That's the underlying theme of the new thriller, Unforgettable.

Katherine Heigl is undeniably chilling as a woman scorned, and trying to cope with her ex-husband's engagement to his new love played by Rosario Dawson.

Heigl's transformation into pathological maniac was an eerie contrast to her all-American-girl image off-screen.

“She'll be hitting me with the fire poker and then they'll be like 'cut! We're going to switch your lighting' and she'll be like [whistling],” said Geoff Stults. “And then she's talking about her kids and they'll be 'Okay' and she throws it down and she starts hitting you again with the thing. And you're like "What the?!  How the hell do you do that?!  I'm traumatized!”

“When someone really wants to play a villain, like I know she wanted to, you know you're going to get it really good,” said Dawson. “When she put on the whole outfit, and she bleached her hair and she did the whole thing, I was like, ‘Yes queen.’ I was so happy that she was going for the full effect.”

"It is really intense, and you do get into it,” said Heigl. “You're going there, and so it's almost like they call ‘cut’ and you have to shake it off like, ‘What just happened? We're okay, right?’”

Another all-American girl, or shall we say "angel", plays Heigl's ultra-demanding mother. For the cast, working with Charlie’s Angel Cheryl Ladd was a welcome thrill for this thriller.

“When we were on a break, Rosario came over and said, 'Cheryl, would you do the Charlie's Angel pose with us?'” said Ladd. “And so we all did the goofy Charlie's Angel pose and at the end Katherine said, 'I wanted to ask her. I just didn't have the nerve!'”

While it may be intense, it will be up to audiences to decide if Unforgettable, can live up to its name.





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