This delicious smoothie powers the Seattle Seahawks

If you look up and down the Seahawks roster, you see 6'3", 6'5", 6'6". But one of the most important Seahawks might be the Seahawk's nutritionist, 5'2" inch Michele.

If you look up and down the Seahawks roster, you see 6’3”, 6’5”, 6’6”. But one of the most important Seahawks might be a 5’2” inch Seahawk named Michele!

Michele Clark-Mason is the Seahawks nutritionist.

“Well there's a lotta secret weapons on the team,” said Michele. “Everyone pulls together. It's all about the end result.”

And though Michele is humble, it's no coincidence the team's first title came in her first year.

Call her mix-master Michele. During each practice, she concocts custom smoothies for just about every player.

“It's about what you eat. It's not just taking a handful of supplements,” said Michele. “You can take all the pills you want and if you're still eating empty, degraded foods, you're not gonna have that optimal edge.”

From Avril and Okung to Helfet, Lockette, Wilson and Turbin, she finds out exactly what each player needs to be the best Seahawk he can be.

“Guys are noticing that they're sore less time in the week,” said Michele. “They're recovering from the games faster.”

They drink 'em down within a 15 minute window after practice or games for optimal results.  Team chef Mac McNabb says pro athletes don't just scarf down whatever's on their plate anymore.

“Every year they get smarter and smarter about what they eat,” said McNabb. “The guys we got here now, they're on it.”

Michele says they've moved away from supposed high-tech pills and supplements to what we used to eat thousands of years ago.

And one of the keys to continuing the winning tradition just may be in the mix!

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