Renton boy is world Pokemon champion

The 11-year-old Pokemon World Champion reigns from Renton, Wash.

While the whole world is discovering Pokémon GO, one young man from Renton has been battling for years to reach the top of another Poké-play.
Eleven-year-old Cory Connor took his love of Pokémon VG all the way to the world championships in San Francisco.
"There's probably around like 1,000 people just staring at you," Cory said.  "I want to do my best in front of all of these people.  And then you  also want to have fun."
Cory knew he had the championship in-hand after using a Togekiss Follow Me move plus Hitmontop Fake Out and Wide Guard to protect key Pokémon.  (Whatever any of that means.) But the champ kept things calm.
"I didn't want to celebrate," Cory said, "Because my opponent was really, really sad. I decided just to give him a hug."
Cory said gets his kind heart from his dad, Recco.
"If I lost, he'll go hug me and take me for a walk, give me some gummie bears and say, 'You're okay.'"
Cory won tons of cool swag and also took home a little something to put away for college, a $10,000 scholarship.

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