Never too young to hit the gym

Babies hit the gym

They're building babies of steel here at the My Gym in Kent.

"You better lift those legs up high and you better give me some squats!" joked owner Courtney Leeper. "No, definitely not the case."

Okay, maybe rippling biceps and washboard abs aren't really the goal. But a foundation for a healthy lifestyle can begin in infancy.

Leeper said, "We try to give them sensory stimulation. We try to give them gross motor skills as they're pushing themselves up. It can't start early enough."

Leeper and her staff offer play-filled programs for pre-toddlers and beyond.

"The kids that we have at 6 months, they stay through all the way to 4 or 5 years old, and they're hand-over-fist above the gross motor skills and agility level of some of our other kids," said Leeper.

Your kids can be doing aerobics before they're even walking.

Leeper said, "We'll start by warming up our arms and getting those basic shoulder muscles going. We'll get their feet tapping and their leg muscles going, their quads and their calves, even at that very young age."

But maybe the best part about a baby workout is that it leaves them sleeping like a baby.



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