Meet the stars of NBC's new show Timeless

NBC's new show Timeless features time machines with a new, modern twist.

SEATTLE – Time machines have been at the heart of science fiction for generations.

Now, they're the basis of NBC's new show Timeless.

It’s centered on an historian, a soldier, and a scientist tasked with chasing a criminal through history.

"Clearly, the science fiction part of it, the shock and awe of the time machine blurring in and out of there, the amazing costumes and the epic nature of that, is always appealing,” said actor Malcolm Barrett.

The first episode takes the team back to the Hindenburg disaster. Huge sets were built both outdoors and inside a soundstage, to re-create the enormous scale of the German passenger airship.

And there will be even more action in future episodes.

"We actually had a 124-second choreographed fight scene,” actor Matt Lanter said. “That's a long fight scene for a TV show."

But Timeless isn't just a drama - there's also humor, and a view of history, that even kids can appreciate.

"I think it’s really amazing,” said star Abigail Spencer. “I'm a mom and have a little 7-year-old and my 7-year-old is obsessed with it, he's like 'when is the next one coming?'"

He won't have to wait long. The first journey through space and time launches tonight on KING 5 at 10 pm.

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