Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson on film roles and family

Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson have shared over 30 years as a family, now they are starring in their first film together.

In Deepwater Horizon, Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson's characters are only together for a few seconds.

But off screen, the actors have shared three decades as a family.

"He's such an amazing actor, you know,” Hudson said. “I'd be saying the same thing about him even if he wasn't my dad and we were in this movie together."

After more than half a century working in TV and films, Russell has played everything from Elvis to Wyatt Earp to the infamous Snake Plissken.

"After all of these years and your vast body of work, do you remember every role? Do you remember lines?” asked reporter Kim Holcomb.

“I do, if they're brought up, I remember them… I'm going do this 30th anniversary thing for Big Trouble in Little China, and there’s a question and answer thing afterward, and I need to see that (movie) again. They’ll know way more about it than I do, so I'm sure it'll be a disappointment,” he said, laughing.

Don't be surprised if that event shows up on Hudson’s Instagram, where she prefers to post photos of her real life rather than her Hollywood image. That includes lots of photos of her “pa” and mother, Goldie Hawn.

"There's nobody I'd rather hang out with, I just love mom, she's really great,” Hudson said. “And same thing with my dad, with Kurt. They're really just great people.”

Deepwater Horizon is out on DVD now.

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