Hangin' with the Hawks: Kevin Pierre-Louis

Michael King and Seahawks linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis talk baking and gymnastics.

One of our favorite players is Kevin Pierre-Louis, not just because he adopted his kitty "Cash" from the Humane Society, but because he just might be a gymnast at heart and... He loves to bake!  Here he is with Michael on tonight's Hangin' With The Hawks!



Michael King: What is your signature, like the one that, your go-to baked good? If you’re trying to impress a girl and you’re baking something for her, what are you going to bake?

Kevin Pierre-Louis: I really don’t know. I’m gonna bake an apple pie because I can definitely be a little arty with it. I drew growing up, so I have that background. So I can make a different type of crust.



MK: You put like leaves on there? Apples and everything?

KPL: Yeah, I can do everything.

MK: Maybe put like Johnny Appleseed on the top.

KPL: Something like that. (Laughs) Depends on how special she is. Not so special gets regular crust. I might store buy that one, just slide it on top.



MK: Is this you I’m seeing on a standup paddle board doing a flip? What’s going on there?

KPL: Yes. I really don’t know. Honestly, I was doing a little special with Jordan and KJ and I decided, you know, I’ve never done a backflip off a paddleboard. I’m about to just try to do a backflip off a paddleboard. So, the one that I first posted on Instagram was actually my first time trying to do a backflip off a paddleboard.

MK: And you made it!

KPL: Yeah, I’m one of those type of guys that if I want to do something, sometimes you just gotta jump.




MK: I saw this video of you walking on your hands. You push up into a handstand in the weight room and you walk around. Are you a gymnast or a linebacker? Which one are you?

KPL: I’m just random. Like with the backflip, I just say “I’m going to try and do a back flip.” I’ve just been trying to always do something different. Just show, I don’t know, how many things I can do. So I gave Brock Coyle the camera. I said, “Record this, let me try to do this.” And I did it!




MK: You did such a great job, I think you deserve something from our prize bag. Let's see, since you bake, I have a jelly, raspberry jelly from Austria.

KPL: Oh sweet! 

MK: Or Matzo Ball mix. What do you want? 

KPL: Ok, let me get some Matzo Ball mix? 

MK: Yeah you'll use that.

KPL: Yeah for sure, I'll figure it out!  Thank you. It's what I always wanted!

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