A Lego lover's dream room

A Lego lovers dream room

As an Architect, Jeffrey Pelletier of Seattle spends his working hours designing dream homes for clients. But it's what he built in his own house that keeps him feeling like a kid again.

"This is what we call the Lego Lounge. This is three walls of Lego storage that we custom designed," said Pelletier.

And why would one need a room dedicated to Lego's? Well in Pelletier's case, it's all about the size of his collection.

"I have about a quarter of a million pieces," said Pelletier. "I had an empty room and thought, I'm an adult, I can have a Lego room and it spiraled out of control since then."

Lego's aren't just fun for Pelletier, he also finds them very therapeutic.

"It just became a way to relieve stress and to also design things that maybe I couldn't do in my actual profession," explained Pelletier.

And what he creates without any instructions is impressive.

"This is a pretty typical mixed use building like you would see in downtown Seattle. This is a base with retail and commercial and an apartment tower on top," said Pelletier. "This is a Lego Library. This was inspired by kind of a northwest architecture. Big timbers, green roof."

He even built a model of his own house.

"Luckily Lego actually had a color similar to our color which is Lego Lime. And we landscaped the yard did the front porch," said Pelletier.

"It was a big commitment to actually go ahead and build this room realizing the fact that Lego is something that I wanted to be a part of my life and also my kids' life," said Pelletier.

It may not be what every house needs, but for Jeffrey Pelletier everything about his Lego Lounge is awesome.



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