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Gameband + Minecraft

The hot new trend in tech is the kind you can wear, for example, tech watches. While smartphone watches are grabbing the big headlines, a majority of them are just secondary screens for the smartphone. On the other hand some wearable tech is specialized. The Gameband + Minecraft is wearable tech specialized for gamers, specifically Minecraft fans. Is it worth their time? Possibly.

"I have to avoid things like 'World of Warcraft' or 'Minecraft', otherwise I'd never get any work done." - Ernest Cline

So what exactly is Gameband + Minecraft? Well, if you really want to get down to it, it's a fancy USB drive with a built in watch. But it's a bit more than just that. First off it is an 8GB 3.0 USB drive. You can plug it in and copy files to and from it as you wish, but that's just the start. It is also a way of taking your Minecraft worlds with you wherever you go and playing them on any computer that will run Minecraft. When I say any computer I mean it. Windows, Mac, or Linux, your choice; the Gameband + Minecraft is completely cross-platform compatible. I was able to plug in and play my Minecraft worlds on both my Windows computer and my Mac Book.

How does it work? Preinstalled on the drive is the Gameband software and Pixel Furnace software.

Actually, let me back up and start with the Gameband software; when you first run the Gameband software it will register you with Gameband's servers. Next it will copy all of your single player worlds and settings for Minecraft to the drive. This may take some time if you have large worlds or many of them. Once that is done it will back them up to their servers (also note that now you will always have a cloud backup of your worlds). From there on out all you will have to do is plug the Gameband + Minecraft into whatever computer you want to play on and run the Gameband software. It will automatically start the Minecraft client. From there you can play Minecraft as normal. When you are done and you close out of Minecraft it will do a comparison then, if you have an internet connection, it will back up the world with any changes you made to the cloud. Simple.

If you play on servers you just need to have an internet connection and you can connect to your favorite servers and play with your friends. The Gameband + Minecraft even comes with preinstalled worlds so you can jump into the action quicker. Popular Minecraft world builders, SethBling, Dragnoz, and Hypixel, have contributed some of their popular worlds for you play.

"'Minecraft' opens up a world of limitless possibilities, driven by the player and created by the fans who love it." - Rob Manuel

Next up is the Pixel Furnace software. This runs the LED watch/data screen on the band itself. Here you can select what is displayed on the LED data screen. Time, date, and free space can be turned on or off as you wish and then up to three additional animations or images can be loaded. The Pixel Furnace has some preloaded animations and still pixel images or you can create your own. This allows you to customize the Gameband + Minecraft to display to what you want. At the press of a button scroll through each display item you have. You can even upload and share your creations on the Pixel Furnace web site or download other creations people have made.

Final Thoughts

The Gameband + Minecraft is one of the handier wearable tech pieces I've come across. Sure you could create a portable version of Minecraft on a USB drive, but that takes a little bit of programming know how and still it would only be compatible for just one system. To make it cross-platform would take some additional programming knowledge and in the end could possibly corrupt or damage Linux systems.

With the Gameband + Minecraft all the work has been done, plus you get the bonus of cloud back up and a snazzy looking watch to boot. The Gameband + Minecraft is perfect for kids who want to be able to take their Minecraft worlds with them to their grandparent's house or wherever they go. Hardcore Minecraft fans would enjoy this too for the same ability of taking their intricately created worlds to show them off to friends. I personally find it great for a local "garage" LAN I go to. The person that runs the LAN has extra computers for loan so I don't have to bring my own. This lets me bring my world with me to futz with during lulls in LAN action. While it is built for USB 3.0 it works perfectly fine with USB 2.0 too.

The Gameband + Minecraft comes in two sizes, small and large. The small (6.2 inches/15.7 cm) would be best for kids. The large (7.3 inches/18.5 cm) fits me a little loosely. I consider myself a fairly average sized guy, so folks with large wrists might be out of luck for the moment. It's also lightweight (1.5 oz/43 g) so I hardly notice it on my wrist. If you are looking for an easy way to take your Minecraft worlds with you I recommend looking into the Gameband + Minecraft.

For more information check out the official Gameband + Minecraft web site.


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