Postal Redux, a time capsule in HD

In 1997 developer Running with Scissors released their first game, Postal.  It would soon become one of the most controversial games about violence ever.  It was even called out by Senator Joe Lieberman who stated, "This is sick stuff. And sadly, it sells."  Now Running with Scissors has given their original game an HD makeover and released it as Postal Redux.  Does it still stand up today?  Let the blood bath begin.
"My favorite game is Postal because it is so politically incorrect." - Uwe Boll
Postal Redux certainly looks good.  The use of the Unreal Engine 4 has given the hand drawn art style a fresh look.  
Postal Redux is a twin stick style shooter.  This style is still in demand, but today’s twin stick shooters are fast and stylish with enemies that come in a wide array of danger and challenge.  Postal Redux feels slow comparatively.  
"On second thought, I think I am more crazy than my goat." - Remedios Varo
The story in Postal wasn’t a large part of the game and the same can be said for Postal Redux.  It is simply you, as the Postal Dude, having a very bad day and decides to take it out on the world.  You have to eliminate a specific percentage of police and S.W.A.T. officers to proceed to the next map.  Innocent civilians also wander the map and can be left alone or eliminated; the decision is left up to the player.  
A new mode called Rampage has been added to the game.  It rewards more aggressive play styles.  In Rampage long kill streaks build up multipliers, giving players higher scores.  After each level, players are graded on their performance.
Postal Redux shows that the original has not aged well.  Besides being slow compared to today’s standards, the violence is almost tame compared to what can be found in some more modern games.  
It would best be called a love letter to long-time fans of the series.  It has everything the original did (minus the Elementary School level) and looks great in HD.   I hate to say it, but it bored me.  I struggled to really want to play through it.
Fans of the series will enjoy the new Rampage mode.  People curious to see what all the fuss was might be a little disappointed.  With a lack of excitement, I rate Postal Redux a 3 out of 5.
Postal Redux is rated M for Mature for Animated Blood and Gore, and Animated Violence by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).
For more information see the Running With Scissors web site.


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