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by TRACY-MARK GORGAS / Special contributor to

Posted on October 20, 2010 at 2:23 PM

Updated Wednesday, Oct 20 at 2:38 PM

Why hello again.  Today I will be reviewing Disney Sing-It: Party Hits. Is it as good as Family Hits?  Are there lots of songs? Well, hum along with me and we'll find out.


Disney Sing-It: Party Hits is a karaoke game, so it has no story.


The Wii-mote is used to navigate the menus in the game.  A USB microphone is used for singing into.  I recommend having two microphones for the Party Play games, it helps a lot.  Pretty simple here.


Again this is basically a karaoke game.  The difference between this and the karaoke you sing at elsewhere is in this you need to match the pitch of the song.  The closer you are to the pitch of the song, the more points you will score. There are three difficulties here, Easy, Medium, and Hard, to match your singing skills.

There is a Party Play mode that allows up to eight people to play.  This is the heart of the game.  It has duets, pass the mic, team play and competition.  All are easy to pick up, as long as you know the songs. 

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are good, but mostly the game is driven by the visuals of the music videos.  The menus look nice, but that is pretty much the extent of the graphics.

The sound is excellent, as it should be for a music based game.


Disney Sing-It: Party Hits is the sixth game in the series.  As a Sing-It game it doesn’t stray too far from the formula that has made it a good party game.  In some ways I could almost use my review from Family Hits for this one, but there is a difference.

While Family Hits took songs from Disney classic movies that everyone knows, Party hits focuses on teen pop fare, which is a bit of a weakness.  Unless you are a fan of Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and the Camp Rock 2 soundtrack then there isn’t much here for you.  This makes it more of something for pre-teen/teen crowd only, or a niche audience.

Another problem for the Wii version is that Disney still has no DLC songs for it.  This is surprising considering the PlayStation 3 version of the game does have DLC and Harmonix has been doing DLC songs for their Rock Band series on the Wii for quite some time now.  Also they have such few songs, 30 in total on the disc.  They really need to pack more on the disc or open up the DLC on the WII.  The full list of songs is at the end of the review.

Just like Family Hits there is a vocal coach mode, this time with Demi Lovato taking players through various vocal exercises to prepare them for singing.  There is nothing too deep here, but a good tutorial none the less.

There is fun here for those that like to sing, but it is really limited to those that like teen pop music. In my case this isn’t for me, more likely for my niece, who would give it a “TOTALLY AWESOME!”  Myself I give it 3 out of 5.

Disney Sing-It: Party Hits is rated E for Everyone for Mild Lyrics, Mild Suggestive Themes, Mild Violence.  It is available now for the Nintendo Wii or the Sony PlayStation 3.

The songs available on the disc are:

Allstar Weekend
"A Different Side of Me"

Ashley Tisdale
"It's Alright, It's Ok"

Black Eyed Peas
"Boom Boom Pow"

Camp Rock: The Final Jam
"Brand New Day"
"Can't Back Down"
"Introducing Me"
"It's On"
"Wouldn't Change a Thing"

Colbie Caillat
"I Never Told You"

David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
"When Love Takes Over"

Demi Lovato
"Here We Go Again"
"Me, Myself and Time" as Sonny Monroe
"Remember December"


Jason Mraz
"I'm Yours"

Jonas Brothers
"Fly With Me"

Jordin Sparks

Justin Bieber
"One Less Lonely Girl"
"One Time"

Kelly Clarkson
"Already Gone"

Nick Jonas & The Administration
"Who I am"

One Republic
"All The Right Moves"

Owl City

"Brick by Boring Brick"

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez and The Scene
"Falling Down"

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