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by TRACY-MARK GORGAS / Special contributor to

Posted on August 10, 2012 at 2:34 PM

Updated Friday, Aug 10 at 2:48 PM

To what lengths would you go to recover the only thing your grandfather left you?  Even if that "thing" was an old pair of underpants?  Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers put you on that quest to find out how far you will go.  Hike up your pants, it's off adventuring we go.


When Tiny's grandpa passed away he left Tiny a pair of underpants.  Jealous because he was left nothing, Tiny's brother, Big, steals the underpants and runs off to the desert.  Tiny pursues him, determined to get the underpants back.  When Tiny catches up with Big he learns the hard way that the underpants have a magical power, a levitation power that Big uses against Tiny.
As they make their way further into the desert they discover a temple dedicated to underpants.  As Big gets closer to the temple he feels his power increasing.  Realizing that Big will use the power for evil, Tiny continues to pursue him.

Controls and Gameplay

Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers combines elements of a third person platformer and a puzzle game.  As Tiny you are armed with a ray-gun cutter, a grappling rope and a rocket shooter.  With these items you can manipulate a lot of the environment.  I found I used the ray-gun cutter and the grappling rope the most.  I would cut tops of columns or statues and then drag the parts down with the grappling rope.  If there was something I needed to push, but couldn't reach it physically, I would use the rocket shooter.

The control scheme is up to you as a PC game it supports the traditional mouse and keyboard, but has the option of plugging in a gamepad.

Graphics and Sound

Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers has a quirky hand drawn art style.  It looks a lot like it was taken from a gig poster for local indie club.  Adding to this look are elements found in comic books, things such as word balloons when a character speaks and visual sound effects ("POW," "BANG," and "WOOSH").  Sounds also accompany visual cues such as when you make a cut and the big rocks fall, or when you get squished, they each get a visual sound effect.
The music soundtrack is comprised of indie rock bands.  It fits really well with the look, completing the quirkiness of it all.  You start with one song, as you wander around each area you can find cassette tapes to unlock more songs.  I really like the soundtrack; thankfully they also made it available for purchase.

Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers is the equivalent of indie graphic novel.  I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the creators used to work in the comic book industry.  Quirky is the best way to describe everything about Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers.  The art, the music, the story, and even the humor is all great quirky fun.  While most games out there have you finding hidden collectables that relate to the game (comic books in Spider-Man, gold bars in Sniper Elite, lost treasure in Uncharted, etc) in Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers you get to find and collect "Boring Rocks."

The only real complaint I have is that Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers is short.  I completed the story in about five hours.  It felt about the right length too, although the ending left me feeling as if there may be more to come.  Almost like this is the first in a series.  I could have finished the game sooner, but between trial and error, experimenting on the puzzles, and just plain exploring the levels it ended up taking me longer.

I look forward to more from developers Black Pants Game Studio.  If they keep up the creativity they showed with Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers then I expect to give them another glowing review.  I give Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers a 5 out of 5.

Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers has not been rated, but I would rate it at E+10 for Everyone 10 and older.  Big wears the underpants on his head and trys to kill Tiny for most of the game.

Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers
is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  For more information see the Tiny and Big:  Grandpa's Leftovers web site.


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