Social networking for tweens, cell phone 'learning' games, teen texting and driving

Social networking for tweens, cell phone 'learning' games, teen texting and driving


Social networking for tweens, cell phone 'learning' games, teen texting and driving



Posted on October 11, 2009 at 1:53 PM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 24 at 11:48 AM

Social Networking for Tweens

This week we're going high tech with your teens, tweens, and tots.?

Move over My Space and Facebook - there's a new social networking site in town and this one is for tweens. It's called and it claims to offer more privacy and a much safer environment for your youngsters than the other sites.

That's because they can only be friends with people they actually know. They'll exchange chips, kind of like poker chips, except with happy faces and sad faces.

Each chip has a different registration number. The kids take them home, register the number on the site, and that will link them as friends so they can visit each other's pages. But they'll need mom or dad's help to sign them up.

A one-time, $1 fee charged to your credit card lets the creators know the pre-teens have your permission. And there's no advertising on the site.

Finally, behind every user account is a parent account where you have the option to lock it down and edit your kid's site.?

Learning Games for Your Cell Phone

Does your child ever beg to play the game on your cell phone when you're out and about? Well, iPhone has an app for that!? And these games may actually teach your kid a thing or two.? has the new activities for the iPhone and iPod. Your child can do flash cards, take simple quizzes, and do tracing activities - stuff like reviewing their numbers, shapes, colors and letters.

And here's what's really cool about it: You can download the app for only 99 cents for a limited time.

Go to iTunes for video and scroll through the cards.? Parents iPlay 'n learn

Teen Texting and Driving

Now to a startling fact.? Would you believe 46% of teens admit to texting and driving?? According to AAA teens are the most likely group to be involved in a car crash because of distracted driving.?

That's why a new effort is aimed at getting teen drivers who are "On the road, Off the phone."? Former Seattle Seahawk Steve Largent, President and CEO of the Wireless Association, told us about a powerful new that's meant to grab teens' attention.?

They've also put some great on their Web site to help parents talk to their kids about the dangers of texting and driving.?

Parents you can set a good example for your teens if you stop texting and driving too.? Check out the PSA video.? It'll make you think twice!? Tell us what you think about the video.? Leave your comment below.

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